We offer a wide variety of services to try and meet the varied needs of landowners. Check out our services page to learn more. Then give us a call so we can discuss how we can help you and your property.



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More Services

Native Prairie Grass Re-Vegetation

We have a passion for native prairie grasses. We offer services ranging from project design consultations to total project management and implementation. Re-vegetating land to native prairie grasses is a fulfilling process. It can also be a frustrating process. Let us make your process not only easier but more enjoyable and successful.

Traditional Wildlife Management Plans and Consultation

We can help you manage for wildlife on your property regardless of what you are doing for your property tax valuation. We try not to just give you a printed plan that will be outdated in a few years. We try to give our clients a system that will allow them to be adaptive to current conditions on their property. That system should allow your property to achieve the goals that you have set for it. Those goals can range from growing bigger deer on your own land to just seeing more and different kinds of wildlife on your property.

Wildlife Friendly Traditional Agricultural Management Plans

We also have vast experience in traditional agricultural production. This allows us to help you manage your property for both traditional agriculture and wildlife. We can mix them together in a way that can use these two areas of land management to enhance the other.

Property Set-up and Management Consultation

We can start working with you either before or after a new purchase or on a new project on your current property and help you hit the ground running. Using our experience to get you started quickly and on the right track with little wasted time, effort, and money.

Wildlife Management Products

By adding certain wildlife management products to your property you may be able to qualify your property in certain categories of the wildlife property tax valuation Wildlife Exemption You will also enhance the health and abundance of wildlife that use your property while creating more opportunities for you to see and appreciate them. Click the picture for more information about our wildlife management products.